Fine Arts & Antiques Insurance

The policies we recommend for our clients provide bespoke cover for collections of fine art and antique furniture.

Our services are best suited to discerning clients who have acquired vintage, rare or commissioned items as part of their household insurance or for collectors who see Art and furniture as an investment kept at any of their privately properties, office or storage facility.

Antique furniture, fine arts and collectibles attract a much lower rating than ‘General Contents’ with most underwriters. The reason being is that they are not always seen as desirable items to steal by thieves as they are normally unable to sell them on quickly. This makes them easier to insure. Our experts understand how insurers underwrite these collections and are able to talk through with you how to easily separate these items, so that you receive more competitive premiums.

Our policies are suitable for clients with items including the following:

For articles collected over a number of years, we can help with the validation of correct sums insured by instructing our partner valuers (often funded by our partner insurers).

Cover that we can provide include:

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