Contents Insurance

It is too easy to underestimate the amount of replacement cover you require for insurance purposes for your general contents, fine arts and antique furniture, collections and jewellery.

For affluent clients, it is not unusual to find that they are underinsured by an average of almost 50%, yet we find we can provide adequate cover for without premiums increasing by the same amount as we provide the right cover and advice.

With the majority of affluent clients insure their homes and contents with their banks so it is not unusual to find out that they are seriously under insured which can expose them to warranties within their policies that may lead to claims being invalidated or policies voided due to not receiving the professional advice. Furthermore, many standard household policies will hold restrictive conditions for the setting of their security and requirements on safes.

The key issue is a lack of time to properly assess your contents needs. Believe it or not you may be paying over the odds for sub standard policies despite being inadequately covered on a standard home policy.

It is normal for our policies to cover worldwide as standard without restrictive warranties. See High Value home insurance for example covers.

Cover we can provide includes:

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