Grand Designs & Modern Methods Of Construction

The search for the ultimate dream home, country escape or inner city sanctuary has never been so difficult which explains why so many of us have turned to either refurbishment or a complete new build. Mix in the need to ease housing, protect greenbelts and reduce energy use, the Government has made it easier to access the growing choice of construction, design and engineering methods. The result is a new generation of prestigious homes that embrace their surroundings whilst maximising space around them.

These individual homes require special attention from expert architects, tradesman and engineers who understand how to work with new or non-standard construction materials and the same special attention is also needed to ensure that you are correctly insured. With most U.K insurance products set up for speed of transaction with low touch advice, very little are able to insure anything built from materials that are not of a traditional masonry brick, tile or modern timber frame.

Understanding different construction types and their fire and security protection capabilities are vital to providing correct insurance advice which is where our trained staff can assist.

We understand the risks surrounding uniquely designed properties and provide risk management advice and covers that are appropriate to you and your home.

At Property Wealth Insurance, we are passionate about large, individual, rare or plain unusual properties and we only work with insurers who embrace new or lost methods of construction so it is only natural that we can help you with tailored insurance solutions that or designed around you and your unique home.

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A few types of construction we cover include:

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