Electric Car Insurance

If searching Electric Car Insurance policies, you are likely to find that premiums quoted can be radically higher. This is because the technology although not new, is relatively new to insurers who have little claims experience whereas all insurers feel comfortable with petrol and diesel cars.

It is fair to say that the arrival of Electric cars have caused a headache amongst insurers. For one, the price of new electric cars is higher than for equivalent traditional cars and secondly, specialist repair work may need to be carried out after an accident which could lead to poor service standards from the usual markets.

Help is at hand though. Property Wealth Insurance specialise in higher value cars, rare vehicles and Prestige motor insurance as standard with insurers that understand the cover and needs of an electric car owner better than the non advised services you find online.

We arranged cover for one of the first Tesla S models in the U.K at a rate that was more competitive than the insurance scheme provided for these cars and with superior cover allowing us not only to insure the Tesla S itself, but also other cars and the main home itself all under one policy.

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