Collectors Car Insurance

Nostalgia, craftsmanship and heritage are just a few descriptive words to describe why enthusiasts are drawn to vintage cars. Like a work of art, classic cars like yours deserve special attention to maintain their pristine condition and at Property Wealth Insurance Brokers, we believe that only the very best insurance protection will do.

With the world economy being so unpredictable, investments are now being made into tangible assets. This has resulted in record breaking auctions such as the $27m paid for a rare Ferrari 275GTB in 2013 in the US as well as $30m paid at auction in the U.K for a Mercedes-Benz making quality cover essential.

So whether you care for a Morris Minor, own a Jaguar E-Type, or possess a purpose built temperature controlled building containing a personal collection, our dedicated experts are here to create individual or family fleet solutions from hand picked premium insurers providing the market leading cover and a claims service that is commensurate with the speed and attentiveness you expect.

So whilst you have fun with your car we can provide

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