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At Property Wealth Insurance we provide a specilaist Listed Building Insurance service to a large number of customers across the UK.

The United Kingdom enjoys a high concentration of historical that represent key events in our history and display many periodic styles. We are lucky to have such beautiful architecture and many examples of engineering triumph. These properties are highly sought after with families, enthusiasts and investors all drawn to the uniqueness of a character property for their looks, heritage, location and future value.

In order to protect and to ensure the preservation of these buildings, a listing was introduced so that we are able to celebrate their beauty enforce that any changes, repairs or renovation work would be carried out under strict supervision and guidance to protect the original construction methods, style and authenticity.  

The type of insurance needed for listed buildings requires just as much care and attention as the building itself. Many insurance providers and mortgage surveyors struggle to provide adequate advice as they are unable to understand the procesures that are required to be followed in the event of a major loss. With 374,000 listed properties in England alone looked after by the English Heritage, off-the-shelf insurance products are unable to provide the level of cover and claims after service that is required so that the property owners are able to meet their commitments. This often results in long drawn out investigation and unsatisfactory results leaving the owner out of pocket.

At Property Wealth Insurance, our experienced Listed Building Insurance team understand the complexity, process and expertise required to reinstate Grade listed properties estates and manner houses back to their original condition. Our experts are able to provide the right risk management and offer better insurance solutions so that the emotional and monetary investment you have made correctly protected and ensure preservation. Our hands on approach to risk management and adequate sums insured are maintained with free advice and service that can help fund valuations from Listed Property appraisers and qualified professionals.

Having to fit security measures into a grade listed 1, 2 or 2 * properties can also prove to be a burden with many locks offered today unable to be fitted to these buildings whilst the design of them can upset the feel of the property. We work it insurers that take a common sense approach to security with a flexible view on what is suitable for the property based on your experience. In the event of a loss our warranty free policies are able to respond with expert help from tradesman and loss assessors who are used to engaging with the regional Heritage trust to ensure that the reinstatement of your property after a major loss is managed in keeping with current requirements. Policies free from restrictive endorsements also provide additional cover for longer periods of alternative accommodation should the need arise to vacate your property.

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